Bang for your Buck


Some people don’t like taking supplements, and others feel like they’re taking too many.  If you’re looking to cut down on your pill load or thinking that maybe the 3 meals a day your eating from McDonalds may not be sufficiently meeting all your nutritional needs and it would be a cold day in hell before you ate a piece of kale, this one’s for you.

When people ask me what one thing they can add to an already moderately healthy diet to ensure their body has what it needs to operate at a high level, I would recommend Thorne’s Mediclear Plus.  It’s the supplement equivalent to the pool table that moonlights as a ping pong table.  Only imagine it also turned into a pinball machine, a hot tub, and cleaned your bathroom when you while simultaneously giving you a foot massage.

Not only is it a multivitamin, multi mineral, organic rice and pea based protein supplement, it also contains a useful combination of herbal extracts like green tea, curcumin, grape seed, and quercetin that can help treat and prevent many common chronic diseases.  And for all you pill haters out there, it happens to be a powder you can mix into your smoothies or drink with juice.

We at Spokes Clinic are featuring the product for the rest of the Summer and offering a 20$ discount off the 98$ MSRP through August 31 ($78 for those who are arithmetic averse).  We will also be blogging through some of the ingredients that help make this a winning combination for the athlete and couch potato alike.


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