Angels among us
I was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and have been seeing dr Bentham since. Not only is he knowledgeable and professional but the care you get when you see him is like none other. I cannot imagine where I would be without him, and I am beyond grateful for having found him in my darkest days! Thank you for the great care you provide; you truly are a gem in the okanagan! And Theresa? Nothing but great things to say about her either…. you are both angels among us – keep flying!


Sincerely Grateful
We have been seeing Dr. Bentham only a few weeks as a family; however we are beyond grateful for his wide knowledge base, easy going and warm disposition. He competently combines both mainstream medicine and a natural holistic approach to care and health promotion efficiently. He has shown much perseverance, diligence and compassion towards his patients in developing a care plan suited to each ones specific health needs. Dr. Bentham is hands down one of the most intuitive and thorough doctors we have ever known. He is an amazing listener which is how a doctor can most effectively diagnose and create a solution for any health challenge. We highly recommend Dr. Bentham to all friends, family and strangers. If you have even one visit with this wonderful doctor you will see why there are so many glowing reviews. Thank you Dr. Bentham, Momma is off her oxygen machine after only seeing you a few short weeks. The new cancer protocol you are helping her with is making such an incredible difference we are so grateful for your kindness, and support during both our health struggles. I am so thankful for your listening ear and thoroughness with the tests you ordered. I am hopeful that we will finally get more answers after the countless doctors I visited in the United States who were unable to help. May God bless you, your family and staff for the beautiful way you are affecting this world and real families. Sincerely, Rachael S. and family


A Rare Gem!
Dr.Bentham is without a doubt the best Dr. I have ever had! His endless knowledge is only rivaled by his compassionate and caring nature. He is so easy to talk to, about anything!!! I have been a patient of Dr. Bentham’s for nearly two years for a wide variety of issues and he has helped me where other specialist have failed. I will continue seeing him for all my health care needs. Thank you Dr. Bentham!

Lyme Care
Dr. Bentham is caring,skilled, interested and thinks outside the box. I also trust that he consults with other professionals re my care and is willing to work with others. The whole office experience is always positive. My journey with Lyme has been incredibly hard but Dr. Bentham is a ray of light and hope and I am deeply appreciative

Knowledgable, professional, and caring
A rare combination indeed. Answers to health issue spanning 10 years and 10+ MDs could not figure out.

Thank You
I have complex medical issues and it is difficult to fit into the traditional medical system as it is set up. I appreciate that you listened intently, were non-judgmental, and reviewed my medical results/history. You have a very comfortable and knowledgeable approach, are willing to take the challenge and work in a cost effective manner with a MD who will be helping to unravel what is happening with my body. A great big thank you and I am grateful that CanLyme referred me to you.

Highly Recommended
I have had the privilege of being a client of Dr. Bentham’s for almost a year now. I wouldn’t be able to say enough good things! Not only were my initial health reason’s for seeing him addressed, but he has continued to advise me on general health and prevention. Unlike most doctor’s, Dr. Bentham gets to the root core of your problem, and takes the time to listen, explain and support you. He is both professional, and very caring- a real asset to this province!

Takes the time…
Dr. Bentham is a caring doctor who takes the time to explain the courses of treatment and the monitoring necessary to review results. He listens and encourages you to talk about your concerns without feeling the need to rush. The visits are pleasant, productive and we left with a feeling that a positive course of action had been implemented. Thank you Dr. Bentham for your time and genuine concern.

Amazing results and very caring
I have suffered with back pain for years due to an old injury which is made worse by sitting at a desk all day. I have spent A LOT of time, money and energy trying to find relief with no success. Dr. Bentham has finally given me hope- I can honestly say that I have little back pain after 2 visits and greatly respect his warm, professional approach. If you have ever suffered with chronic pain you know the discouragement and frustration I have felt. I wondered if anything would provide me with long term relief and have FINALLY found my solution. Thank-you Dr. Bentham!