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Why Spokes

Are you into bikes or something?

Not exactly, but the bike and the wheel are helpful metaphors for your health.  Your health is the vehicle that enables you to do what you are here to do. That may be playing with your grand kids, playing golf, or even starting that business that you’ve been dreaming of.  Your health is the vehicle that gets you there.

The Spokes name speaks to the various facets of your life that, when in balance, allow the wheel to roll smoothly without causing repeated bike seat trauma to the groin with each revolution. Your initial intake will involve assessing the severity of your problem areas and a wholistic (who took the “w” out of holistic anyways) look at all the facets of your life that are contributing to your current health state.

These include but are not limited to what you eat, how you move your body, the people in your life, the stresses that keep you awake at night, the job you do, the things that bring you joy, your microbiome, nutrient excesses or deficiencies, and the toxins that are bringing you down.

Dr. Bentham

I knew from a young age that I would pursue a career in medicine. I grew up with a lovely Grandma who instilled in me the notion that the body will heal itself if you remove its obstacles and give it the right tools. I eventually stumbled across Naturopathic Medicine as an option that would afford me the opportunity to blend my love of the health sciences, passion for problem solving, and the joy I derive from helping make things better for those who are suffering. I love getting people back to doing what they’re here to do.

My background in molecular biology and biochemistry has helped ground my understanding of how we are put together from the basic building blocks on up. I have an insatiable curiosity in what makes us tick, what makes us sick, and how to bridge the divide between the two.

When you bring me into your healthcare team you get someone who will listen to all the things you have to say and will meet you where you are. I will do my utmost to speak clearly the things you need to hear even when it’s difficult. You will also learn that I can’t help but try and bring the occasional smile and a lightness to the darkness and heaviness that sometimes piggyback on pain and disease.

About Jen

Born and raised in Penticton, Jen has been the glue that has held Spokes Clinic together since 2016.

Her experience growing up alongside a sibling with a disability and chronic illness, has instilled in her a strong sense of responsibility for her care from a very young age. It is clear to see how this care for those who are struggling translates to all those who come through our doors. In a very tangible way, it’s the legacy of her sister who inspired her to pursue a career in a helping field.

Whether it’s welcoming patients to the clinic, answering inquiries or providing support by sitting by a patient’s side during their treatment, she enjoys being part of a team that makes a difference in people’s wellbeing. You will learn quickly how much she contributes to the whole healing environment and experience.

When she’s not running the clinic, she can be found at the rink loving the hockey mom life, re-painting her house to scratch her design & decorating itch, or latin dancing. Above all, she loves spending time with her husband and two sons.

About Tammy Twyne

“Creating a safe space for recovery & wellness is my goal in my physiotherapy and physio-yoga-practice. Focusing on each client, providing care that empowers them to achieve their wellness goals in their own way, in their own time.”

Since graduating from Dalhousie University in 1995, I have worked in many practice areas across Canada. My approach to care is a fusion of traditional physiotherapy, chinese medicine and yoga. It is an individualized approach that is tailored to each person to help reach their goals for health and wellness.

Each client has one-to-one time with me personally for an hour at each session. Our focus is on your story, your goals, examining the way the body moves, why it is doing what it is doing and what options are available to change the trajectory of your health. 

I use a variety of hands-on methods (including needle-less acupuncture and acupressure, myofascial work, fascial blades, manual therapy, joint mobility, muscle therapy, yoga therapy, and musculoskeletal alignment techniques), retraining the nervous system, creating change in the soft tissue and empowering you with mobility techniques, movement exercises, meditation and breathwork. We create a plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

Our Approach

We will start with your primary pain points/health problems, but we will take the time to hear about all of the things that are bothering you. We will endeavour to distill your entire story into one or two centres of gravity and direct treatment there – at the root cause. We will use whatever therapies that are available to us with a preference for the natural, but also an openness to prescription medications when appropriate. We are as comfortable navigating conventional treatment options as well as natural, complementary and alternative options.

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