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What to expect

Patient Journey

You will leave your first visit with a 30-90 day roadmap to help you navigate your way to better health. Depending on the nature of your health problem we will either start treatment right away (if you are a pain patient), or we will order some diagnostic testing like labs or imaging. If labs or other testing are needed for clarity, it will be your second visit where we review all the diagnostics to come up with a tailored plan to address the causes of your health problem. We endeavour to give you clear cost estimates for what we’re recommending.


What you really want to know.​

By the second visit we will do our best to answer the 5 main questions you subconsciously really wanted answered when you first booked in:

What is my problem?
Why is it happening?
What can we do about it?
What can I expect as an outcome?
What will it cost me in terms of time, energy, and money?


Ownership and Empowerment.​

Expect that we will be asking you to make some changes to some aspect of your lifestyle. Our years of experience have shown us that the people who have the best outcomes are unequivocally the ones who take the most ownership of their recovery.

We will guide you and perform the procedures you may need done, but you are ultimately the one driving the bus. We cannot do the work for you, and you will get out what you put in. You have the power to make your recovery happen. We’re here to nudge you along and cheer you on.


What it’s going to take.​

Expect that it will cost you something. Our three main currencies are time, energy, and money and we acknowledge that you’ll be investing at least two of those into your recovery… and you are worth it.

The health problem you are experiencing right now is inevitably rooted in something relating to the architecture of your lifestyle and habits. Services and procedures are usually covered by your extended health plan, but not through your provincial Medical Services Plan. All consultations and services are tax deductible.